How To Register For The Client Appreciation 2012 Event?

Greetings fellow Tan Team website browser!

We are currently working with Eventbrite whom we will be using to systematically organize our party-go’er’s – We are in the final stages of setup and a myriad of ways to signup will be made possible very shortly.

How you can signup:

  • Contact Tan and or members of The Tan Team
  • Look out for the invitation via email or by phone (if we can’t reach you at the given time by phone, we will definitely leave you a short message in your voicemail should you have one)
  • Look out for our email invites from – check your spam in case!
  • Look out for your invitations by letter mail

How Eventbrite works:

  • You will receive an invitation from (please check your spam/junk mail if you don’t see it in your inbox)
  • You will be provided a event password (ensure to keep it confidential, it is unique to you)
  • In the same email you will have to click “Attend Event” link to access our registration page on
  • Enter the event password (as shown in the email)
  • Once in, you can view the event details as well as start registering yourself and others interested in attending
  • You will be asked particulars such as (Name, Home Address, Email, Phone Numbers, etc..) Ensure they are valid as this information will be used to contact you to confirm your attendance
  • After you have obtained your tickets, please kindly print them and present them at the event to gain entry
  • At anytime, you may cancel these tickets or even register another person to the event should you forget to invite additional person(s)
  • The exact event location will not be disclosed due to privacy concerns (an approximate location is given) – we will make every effort to contact you given your provided information during the registration to confirm your attendance within the next 1-3 days

Should you have any questions regarding registration, please contact either:

Peng Hock Tan – 416-669-1748  • [email protected]
Kai (Kyle) Min – 416-720-1738 • [email protected]

Look out for our next post regarding the links!


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