CMHC Announces Higher Premiums For Risky Loans

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has announced that it is increasing premiums for high-risk mortgages. Buyers with less than a 10 per cent down payment will pay approximately 15 per cent more for their mortgage loan insurance from June 1, 2015. The hike follows the agency’s review of its products as it looks to boost its capital reserves but it says the increase will only add around $5 to a typical monthly mortgage payment. For that reason it says it is not expected to have a material impact on the housing market. For those borrowing 90 per cent or more of the home’s value there will be no change at all; the rate for borrowing 90.01 to 95 per cent will rise from 3.35 per cent to 3.85 per cent.

Source: Canadian Real Estate Wealth

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