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What Is Tan-Minutes?

Tan-Minutes is slated to become the flagship video series of the The TAN Team – The series will follow Tan himself as he uniquely presents his perspective from everything Real Estate to Fine Dining and Trending Topics! Follow Tan as he takes you on a weekly video journey that features just about everything under the sun!

Where Can I Find Your Channel?

Tan-Minutes is actually a Playlist under The TAN Team’s Youtube Channel. You can find our channel via the Gray Youtube button at the top-right corner of each of our pages on this website. Kindly note that there will be no video’s uploaded until the release of the Tan-Minute website.

When’s The Launch?

As of current we are still underdevelopment. If all goes as per planned, we are hoping for a soft-launch before year end. Most likely the actual official launch will be January 1st, 2014.

Are Your Youtube Video’s Going To Be 10 Minutes Long?

Not quite, despite so, this is actually a very popular question we get asked all the time. Here’s hoping the next person to ask us will read this first!

Becoming An Affiliate

The TAN Team is in favor of positive brand exposure. As of current we are working with a number of potential affiliates whom are currently interested in working in conjunction with our video series. If you believe you have something to offer that will benefit your cause as well as ours, we will be more than glad to lend you a hand in putting the word out to your cause. For example: “I do something similar to the Tan-Minutes/TAN Team, I have a Cooking Channel on Youtube, let’s link up!”

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