Meanwhile at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Track on a picnic worthy Saturday, July 9th – The TanTeam had the opportunity to successfully host their Annual Client Appreciation Event at the track side! Complete with food, refreshments, raffles, music, track marshals and EMS on site – it really felt like you were at a races! Clients, friends and supporters alike were able to spectate from the staging area, pit lane and the observation deck while those brave enough may option to sign up and hop into an array of track ready production cars for a couple of hot laps with professional drivers to feel the thrill of what it’s like to be in a track ready production vehicle!

For those that have come out to the event thank you for your continued support and for those who have missed the opportunity, not to fret, we’ll be doing another event in the near future, if you are interested, just reach out to us to get on the notification list!

Raffle Winners! – If you see your name here, please contact The TanTeam to claim your prizes!

  • Sunniket K. – Tim Hortons Gift Card
  • Anna S. – Sushi Hamper
  • Ray H. – Tim Hortons Gift Card
  • Arlen E. – Keg Gift Card
  • Tylor T. – Poker Hamper
  • Leng K. – Keg Gift Card
  • Martin B. – Tim Hortons Gift Card
  • Wilson L. – Tim Hortons Gift Card
  • Maegen S. – Tim Hortons Gift Card
  • Kevin Y. – Sushi Hamper
  • Yang Z. – Tim Hortons Gift Card
  • Jude M. – Tim Hortons Gift Card
  • Ruddy M. – Cracker Hamper
  • Malaika E. – Movie Hamper
  • Olivia D. – Tim Hortons Gift Card
  • Jacqui H. – Cracker Hamper