About Kai

Team Lead and Real Estate Sales Representative

I meet great people looking to make a positive change in their life by helping them with managing one of their greatest assets: Real Estate.

I’m data-driven and insightful realtor, passionate with connecting likeminded people together and making dreams a reality. From humble beginnings and a steep learning curve among my peers, I have honed my skills in sales negotiations, strategizing opportunities, analyzing housing market information, and business management. What I enjoy most by far is the satisfaction of standing by my clients after a job well done and being able to be by their side again once more as I’m called upon and sharing in their success.

During those days when I’m able to find the elusive 25th hour, I’m usually caught on Wikipedia perusing the vast knowledge of the world, watching documentaries, dabbling in computer/technology related voodoo or fine tuning the GTI for my next track event.

What I’m Good At

  • Extensive Background In Sales & Negotiations

    I have worked in my earlier past careers finding the thrill of negotiating at the table and being a great asset in any sales environment.

  • Listening to clients and being attentive to their needs and requirements

    Besides helping my clients with getting great deals in the purchasing end and top dollar on the listing end – more importantly I listen to my clients not because I have to but because I want to. Their needs and requirements are the benchmarks for our success.

  • Extensive experience in marketing and print

    Part of my past career allowed me the opportunity to work in the market and print field. I am very knowledgeable in producing/advising industry level print and marketing based materials whether it be online or offline.

  • Getting To Know Me Is Easy

    I love to read and learn about anything and everything since I was a young one, I’m complimented with being a “information sponge” at times. A sample list of my wide range of hobbies include: cars, computer and technology, music, time pieces, model building, reading, metaphysics, marketing and design, and historic and pop Japanese culture.