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There are many advantages and disadvantages to both options. Each situation is different and we should have an in-depth conversation going over all the scenario’s. Our job is to ensure that all your bases are covered and you are aware of all the risks.

The TAN Team specializes in coordinating both the sale and purchase to ensure a smooth process. We never want to see clients that end up homeless because they sold their home to quickly, or end up with 2 homes because they were not able to sell quickly enough. We guarantee you will be informed about all the possible outcomes and we will ensure to cover all your bases to get your goals achieved.

There are many things you can do before the listing process to make your home more sale-able. It is a proven fact that Staging alone can provide a selling price of 5.6% higher than a house that is not staged.

We have included a preliminary report on home staging. This is a good start to getting your home ready.  As part of our marketing plan, we also provide a consultation with our in house professional stager. They will go through your entire home with you to ensure we position the house to get the maximum return.

Selecting an agent all comes down to personal opinion. However, there are some strong factors that you should consider when deciding on the right agent.

An individual agent may promote that they can give you personal service. However, through past experience, we have found when the market gets busy, that one man show will often drop the ball in some instance.

In a transaction as large as the sale of your home, even one small mistake or oversight can cost you thousands of dollars. This is something we at The TAN Team are not willing to gamble with.

Our team of specialists have a proven system to getting our houses sold smoothly without encountering any bumps along the way, thus providing the highest possible Net money in your pocket.

We suggest making first contact with us as soon as you know that you will be needing to sell.  The more time we have with knowledge about your property, the easier it will be to sell. Important factors that we need to consider when getting ready to sell are; timing of the market, pricing strategy, which strategy to implement depending on current market activity. There are different strategies that we can examine including taking part in our EHS Program. Not all strategies match every situation, however the more time we have to plan, the easier the process will be.

Absolutely! The person you chose to represent you will have the greatest effect on the sale price of your home. Some questions to consider when choosing an agent: Do they have the local expertise required to negotiate effectively? Has the agent had the experience marketing houses and negotiating offers in today’s market? Do they have the team support to ensure all aspects of the transaction are taken care of smoothly? Has their marketing plan worked for others in your neighbourhood? What is the reputation of the agent?

There are many aspects that make up a great agent. One of the most important things is knowledge of the local market. This knowledge is imperative to the sale of the house.

Often a buyer will try to negotiate the sale price down by using information that is not pertinent to the property. For example, a buyer will try to use sale prices of past houses that are in the same neighbourhood but a totally different model, or a similar house in an inferior location.

Without intimate knowledge of the local market, a seller’s agent would not be able to effectively negotiate the highest sale price. Furthermore, information of the types of buyer’s who buy in Mississauga or in the Greater Toronto Area, the local amenities and school districts are all important when negotiating for sellers.

Cost refers to the actual charge that an agent charges in real estate fees.  NET refers to the amount of money you are left with at the end of a transaction after paying your real estate fees.

We at The TAN Team focus on NET Money, keeping the most amount of money in your pocket at the end of the day after paying real estate fees. There are different commission structures that agents choose.

At first, it seems that the best option is to choose the agent with the lowest commission. However, we have seen time and time again that this is the #1 costly mistake that seller’s make.

All agents are not equal and choosing the wrong one has often cost sellers tens of thousands of dollars.  We suggest that you select someone who has a proven track record of selling houses for top dollar and can do the same for you.

The TAN Team is is well known and have proven time and time again that we not only sell houses for more money than our competition, but we are also able to NET you the maximum amount in your pocket at the end of the day.

It actually can cost you money to select a discount agent who will charge you less commission if they can’t achieve the highest price for your home. That just doesn’t make sense, why would you want to NET less money?

Absolutely! The Elusive Homes System (EHS) is an exclusive program brought to you by The TAN Team. This Program matches buyers with sellers before properties are listed on MLS.

The result is that it provides a peace of mind to sellers who prefer not to list their house (and address) publicly on the MLS while retaining strict balance of privacy about the sale of their home and security. Talk to the Tan Team to find out if EHS is right for you.

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