Thinking Of Buying?

Most buyers enjoy the thrill of buying their new home while others who have dreaded the seemingly never ending cycle of looking but never finding what they are looking for, appreciates what a trained and experienced Realtor can do to provide a more stress and hassle free process. We won’t let you encounter the same pitfall, talk to the Tan Team to see how we can streamline the search.

Planning To Sell?

Whether it’s your first time selling or your fifth time, selling is a process that requires adequate planning and the execution of very decisive choices that can make the difference between a quick sale of a home or a stale home that has been on the market for too long. Price, timing and the skill of the Realtor are just some factors. Talk to the Tan Team to plan and leave the rest to us.

Looking To Rent?

Every hard working person deserves a place to call home even if its only a temporary one. Whether you are thinking of renting or if you are a landlord willing to put up a place for rent – the Tan Team has all the tools, information and hands-on knowledge to walk you through the renting and or leasing process. Get Real practical assistance and advice when and where it matters most.