Tan•gazine June – July 2015 Vol 04 Issue 04

Summer is in and so is the heat, over at The TanTeam, we are hoping you are staying cool and hydrated in the sun!

A quick update on the Real Estate market if you will, it sure has been very active the past couple weeks this goes both ways for sellers and buyers in the GTA, with rates still attractively low, and a relatively dry inventory of available Real Estate for sale, it’s no wonder we are still seeing a rise on Real Estate prices!

It might surprise you that you might be missing out on the heated market, if you have spare equity lying around, you might as well park it into something that will generate some form of return (and I’m not saying at the banks) let’s talk about some Real Estate! The TanTeam offers free consultation for real estate investing and of course finding you and the family a new place to call home, Talk To Tan today to find out more! 416-669-1748.

Don’t forget to go EHS if you haven’t already, curious? Don’t get left behind! Start Planning To Maximize The Equity In Your Home Today!

Without further adieu, please enjoy our latest flagship e-news: Tan•gazine June-July 2015 Vol 4 Issue 4!

Until Next Time Happy Reading,

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