Tan•gazine November – December 2015 Vol 04 Issue 06

Hello Again Dear TanTeam Follower!

You know that moment when you start noticing that you have to be mindful about putting on some extra layers before stepping outside in a T-shirt and its no longer daylight past 6pm? That’s right, we Canadians are all slowly bracing for the cold and winter is literally just barely a month away (talk about how time flies).

Interestingly, while you’d think most people would be much more comfortable cooped around a fireplace/heater, there are quite a handful who choose to do their moving around this time of the year and with good reasons that might surprise you of course.

If you’d be the least bit curious why, then perhaps you should consider getting in touch with Tan @ 416-669-1748 or [email protected]

Beyond that, I’d bet you are probably rearing to enjoy this month’s issue of our widely acclaimed Tan•gazine, check out Vol 4 Issue 03 November-December Edition and without further adieu – we’ll leave you to it.

Until Next Time Happy Reading,

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